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New Golden Line (Delhi Metro) Station in Chattarpur South Delhi.

Updated: May 6

Golden Line Metro

The Golden Line, also known as Line 10, is a forthcoming rapid transit line within the Delhi Metro network. This line aims to establish a direct connection between southern Delhi and the Indira Gandhi International Airport, serving as a crucial solution to alleviate the escalating traffic, congestion, and pollution on the city's roads.

Spanning approximately 25.82 kilometers (16.04 miles), the Golden Line will feature 16 stations along its route. Among these, four stations will be elevated, while the remaining 12 will be underground, ensuring efficient connectivity throughout the region.

Construction of the Golden Line commenced in June 2022, marking its inclusion in the fourth phase of the Delhi Metro's expansion efforts. The project is anticipated to reach completion by March 2026, offering commuters a streamlined and convenient transportation option for traversing between Terminal 1-IGI Airport and Tughlakabad.

By integrating advanced infrastructure and strategic planning, the Golden Line is poised to significantly enhance mobility, accessibility, and overall transportation experience for residents and visitors a like in Delhi.

And the best part is what our New Project has started The Golden Nest Apartment is near to new upcoming metro that is Golden Line Metro Station, offering you 2/3 BHK and 4 BHK Flats on Main Road Chattarpur South delhi with 2 side open property and spacious conveniently located all essential markets just 50 meters away. nearby facilities includes ATMs from ICICI, HDFC, Asix Bank, as well as restaurants and fitness centers such as anytime fintness and fitness studios.

The stations being built on the Golden Line are:

Golden Line

Benefits Direct connectivity between southern Delhi and Indira Gandhi International Airport

  • Alleviation of traffic congestion and pollution on city roads

  • 25.82 km (16.04 mi) route with 16 stations for efficient travel

  • Combination of elevated and underground stations for optimal infrastructure utilization

  • Integration into Delhi Metro's fourth phase expansion for enhanced public transportation network

  • Expected completion by March 2026, providing timely relief to commuters

  • Improved mobility, accessibility, and overall transportation experience for residents and visitors in Delhi

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