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Chattarpur Property Price for 2 BHK Flats, 3 BHK Flats and 4 BHK Flats

Updated: Feb 3

Chattarpur, located in South Delhi, is indeed considered one of the prime residential areas in the city, offering a blend of modern amenities and connectivity. Here are some more details about why Chattarpur is often considered an attractive place to live:

  1. Metro Connectivity : Leveraging strong metro connectivity, the New Silver Line Metro Station in Chattarpur Phase 2 stands out with a unique advantage. Serving as a crucial transportation lifeline for the city, the Delhi Metro ensures efficient and convenient travel. This connectivity not only streamlines daily commutes but also substantially enhances accessibility to key Delhi regions, elevating the overall connectivity for residents. Experience the convenience of living in Chattarpur, where unparalleled metro accessibility not only simplifies travel but also enriches the connectivity experience throughout the city.

  2. Greenery and Open Spaces : Renowned for its expansive green landscapes, Chattarpur offers a breath of fresh air for residents seeking respite from the urban hustle and bustle. The abundance of parks and green spaces not only provides a welcome escape but also contributes to fostering a healthier and more enjoyable living environment. Immerse yourself in the tranquil and verdant surroundings of Chattarpur, where open spaces become a rejuvenating sanctuary amid the vibrancy of city life.

  3. Proximity to Commercial Hubs : Positioned in South Delhi, Chattarpur enjoys strategic proximity to diverse commercial and business hubs, presenting a significant advantage for professionals and businesses alike. This advantageous location minimizes travel time, ultimately contributing to an improved work-life balance. Discover the convenience of chattarpur's locale, where swift access to key business districts enhances the overall efficiency and lifestyle equilibrium for professionals and businesses.

  4. Modern Infrastructure : Jvts Garden Chattarpur extension has witnessed notable advancements in infrastructure, characterized by well-maintained roads, contemporary residential complexes, and accessible essential services. These developments collectively contribute to establishing Chattarpur as a comfortable and modern living destination. Explore the conveniences of residing in an area where robust infrastructure enhances the overall quality of life, creating a welcoming environment for residents.

  5. Educational and Healthcare Facilities : Situated in close proximity to esteemed educational institutions and healthcare facilities, Chattarpur ensures convenient access to quality education and healthcare services. Recognizing the significance of these amenities for families, Chattarpur's appeal is further heightened, creating an enriched living environment. Explore the advantages of residing in an area that prioritizes accessibility to top-notch education and healthcare, enhancing the overall desirability of Chattarpur Enclave 2.

  6. Safety and Security : Chattarpur is widely perceived as a secure locality by its residents. The implementation of effective security measures and the fostering of a strong sense of community significantly contribute to establishing a safe and secure living environment. Explore the assurance of safety in Chattarpur Enclave phase 2, where a dedicated focus on security enhances the overall residential experience.

  7. Real Estate Opportunities : The presence of flats for sale underscores the vibrancy of the real estate market in Chattarpur. With diverse options for property acquisition, whether for personal residence or investment purposes, Chattarpur emerges as an enticing choice for potential homeowners. Explore the dynamic real estate opportunities in the area near by Jvts garden making Chhatarpur a compelling and attractive destination for prospective property buyers.

Construction built-up like -

  1. Super Built-up Area - Space for Construction:

  2. Built-up Area - Construction Space:

  3. Carpet Area - Usable Space:

Familiarize yourself with these real estate terms to make informed decisions when exploring properties.

Here's the price list for 1BHk, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK Flats


Price Range



1 BHK Flats

Starting Price 18 Lac to 28 Lac



2 BHK Flats

Starting Price 35 Lac to 60 Lac



3 BHK Flats

Starting Price 55 Lac to 1 Cr.



4 BHK Flats

Starting Price 70 Lac to 1.5 Cr.


Explore the sought-after neighborhoods in garden chattarpur delhi, where indicative pricing is provided. Keep in mind that the actual prices may vary based on factors such as the specific locality, available amenities, and the reputation of the builder in the market. Stay informed about the dynamic real estate landscape in chhatarpur phase 2, understanding that the final property valuation is influenced by various crucial elements in this thriving market.

Best residential areas in Chattarpur -

Chattarpur Residential Areas:

Request exact price

2 BHK Flats Chattarpur Enclave Phase 1

2 BHK Flats Chattarpur Enclave Phase 2

2 BHK Flats Near 100 ft road Chattarpur 

2 BHK Flats Near 60 ft road Chattarpur 

2 BHK Flats Chattarpur JVTS Garden 

2 BHK Flats D block Chattarpur 

2 BHK Flats Nandha Hospital 

2 BHK Flats Tivoli Garden

Certainly, real estate prices can vary based on factors such as location, amenities provided by the seller, and the overall features of the property. It's important to note that there is no fixed or exact price, as it depends on the specific attributes of each property and the negotiations between buyers and sellers. Prices can fluctuate from one location to another, and the range may be influenced by the amenities offered by the seller. Each property comes with its unique set of features and conditions that contribute to determining its value. Therefore, potential buyers should consider these variables and engage in negotiations to arrive at a mutually satisfactory price based on the property's specific characteristics and the amenities provided by the seller.

Why price has increase in particular area and for modern amenities Like : -

  1. Development and Infrastructure : In the event of substantial development, enhanced infrastructure, or urbanization within an area, there is a tendency for property values to appreciate. The presence of contemporary amenities such as improved roads, efficient public transport, and enhanced connectivity plays a pivotal role in driving up property prices. Stay informed about these key indicators to understand the potential for property value growth in evolving and well-developed areas.

  2. Demand and Supply Dynamics : In instances where the demand for properties surpasses the available supply within a given area, there is a likelihood of upward pressure on prices. This can be attributed to factors including population expansion, heightened employment prospects, or the appeal of a desirable living environment. Stay attuned to these contributing elements to gain insights into potential property price escalations in areas witnessing increased demand.

  3. Improved Services and Facilities : The inclusion of contemporary conveniences like shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities enhances the allure of an area, resulting in heightened demand and, consequently, elevated property prices. Recognizing the impact of these modern amenities is crucial for understanding the factors that contribute to increased desirability and potential appreciation in property values. Stay informed about the evolving landscape of amenities to make informed decisions in the real estate market.

  4. Economic Growth : Economic prosperity within a region has the potential to boost property prices. A thriving local economy typically correlates with heightened purchasing power and an increased demand for enhanced living conditions. Understanding the connection between economic growth and the real estate market is essential for gauging the potential for property value appreciation. Stay informed about economic trends to make well-informed decisions in the dynamic property landscape.

  5. Investment Opportunities : Certain regions emerge as focal points for real estate investors, contributing to an escalation in property prices. Investors are drawn to areas exhibiting growth potential, and their engagements have the capacity to shape the broader market dynamics. Recognizing the impact of investor activities is pivotal for comprehending the factors that influence property values. Stay attuned to these trends to gain valuable insights into market dynamics when navigating the real estate landscape.

  6. Government Policies : Alterations in government policies, including incentives aimed at promoting real estate development or infrastructure initiatives, have the potential to influence property prices. Understanding the impact of shifts in governmental regulations is essential for gauging the dynamics that can shape the real estate market. Stay informed about policy changes to make strategic decisions in response to evolving conditions within the property landscape.

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